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Youth Development

The new youth development division is an all encompassing, club-wide development program for young athletes 7-10 years old. These programs focus on skill acquisition and having fun on the mountain, all while building a solid skiing foundation. The goal is to focus on the fundamentals so athletes have the necessary skills to eventually move into one of PCSS’s discipline specific development programs. Think of youth development as a club wide, pre-devo program with the goal of developing the appropriate skills so athletes are competent and confident when it's time to move up the development pipeline. 

Program options range from just one weeknight at the UOP to multiple weeknights. Each program option can be purchased as a standalone program, or you have the option to “add on” multiple programs for a “multi sport” experience.  

Shredders (multi-sport)

Shredders is a twelve-week program offers younger skiers and riders an opportunity to explore multiple winter sports and the iconic venues at the Utah Olympic Park.  Shredders get to sample the best that PCSS has to offer in Alpine, Nordic Ski Jumping, Cross Country skiing, and Freestyle/Freeski skiing. The focus of the program is on introducing athletes to unique and challenging on-snow environments with an emphasis on skill building, collaboration, positive feedback and fun.

Lil’ Rippers (Snowboard)

Lil’ Rippers is our new, weeknight only snowboard program designed to build the necessary skills required so young riders are prepared for the FUNdamentals weekend program. In this program riders will refine their skills like body position, stance, linking turns and other basic riding skills necessary to improve their overall riding ability. We will also work on the basics of freestyle snowboarding including flat ground freestyle, small jumps, basic grabs, boxes and rails. Program will take place on Wednesday and/or Thursday nights at Woodward.

This is NOT a “learn to snowboard” program and participants must be able to link turns on blue runs.

Learn 2 Fly (Ski Jumping) 

Learn 2 Fly offers the unique opportunity to fulfill every child's dream of flying through the air.  Participants will learn the fundamentals of ski jumping from our trained coaches in a controlled environment. Using our steady progression model, athletes will safely develop skills  on our Bump Jump, 10 Meter and 20 Meter hills.  Athletes will jump on their own downhill equipment, but may have the opportunity to try our specialized nordic jumping equipment by the end of the program. 

Skillz & Drillz (Alpine) 

Skillz & Drillz is the alpine focused weeknight program taking place at the Utah Olympic Park. This program will focus on the fundamentals of alpine racing and give them the necessary “skiing mileage” to better prepare them for the alpine development team. This is a non-competitive program with an emphasis on skill building and fun. In this program athletes will work on and refine their skills in edging, body position, balance, vision and carving as well as the basics of skiing gates. These skills are NOT taught from scratch and participants must be able to make parallel turns on blue runs.  

Bumps & Jumps (Freestyle/Freeski)

The Bumps & Jumps program is designed as a basic introduction to Freestyle and Freeskiing. We focus on fundamental skill development to allow athletes to sample different disciplines. We work on carving skills, body stance, vision, pole plants, edging, box/rail sliding, take offs, landings, and mountain etiquette/safety. Athletes will learn how to apply these fundamentals to the terrain park, moguls, and aerials. Fundamentals athletes are welcome to participate in our fun-focused in-house Devo Series competitions at the UOP when they feel ready.

Grom Adventure Program (Discontinued)

The Grom Adventure Program (GAP) will no longer be taking place this season. If you are looking for a weekend program at Park City Mountain for your athlete (birth year 2014 and younger) we recommend checking out one of the PCM ski programs found here, or contact Ryan DeVine directly for guidance... 

*Please note that registration for Park City Mountain Ski School programs go live September 20th at 10am. 

Ryan Devine

Youth Development Director

I grew up in Boise, ID and started skiing when I was 5 years old. I joined the local Freestyle team when I was 8 and started competing in moguls when I was 12. I officially "retired" from competing in 2008 when I moved out to SLC to attend the University of Utah and then graduated in 2012. I started coaching in 2009 for Axis Freeride here in PC and have gone from a part time coach to lead coach to full time coach to head coach to now director of the Freestyle Development team