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2022-23 Athlete Scholarships

PCSS has compiled the following list of athlete scholarships from outside organizations and foundations.

If you think that we have missed a scholarship that should be included in this list, please contact Jackie Wilkinson at

Youth Sports Alliance (YSA) Scholarships 

Who: Open to athletes who demonstrate financial need and who are currently training with one of Youth Sports Alliance's 7-member teams (including PCSS)

What: YSA Stein Eriksen Dare to Dream Scholarship provides financial assistance to dedicated athletes who are faced with the inability to participate or compete without the help of outside funding. Funds for scholarships are provided by the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment and scholarship donations made during JANS Winter Welcome, an annual fundraising dinner.

When: Applications for a scholarship towards annual ski program and competition expenses (fall-summer) will be accepted August 1 -August 31, 2022.


Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation (UOLF) - The Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation (UOLF) is accepting requests for financial assistance for Park City Ski & Snowboard (PCSS) program fees for Nordic and Freestyle/Freeski sport programs for winter 2021-2022 season. The goal/purpose of the Needs Scholarship Program is to create opportunities for all individuals/families to participate in PCSS sport programs regardless of ability to pay. Granted scholarship money is only available to apply to winter 2022 program fees. 

Level 1 – Qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch under National School Lunch ProgramThis program is for families whose children qualify for free/reduced lunch under the National School Lunch Program and are registering for an entry level program. Participants may receive a scholarship up to 100% program fees minus a $25.00 participation fee that the family will need to pay.​​​​​​

Level 2 – Self Reported Monthly Household Income for entry level programs

  • 25% Scholarship of Household monthly income of $8,583.00 - $10,667.00
  • 50% Scholarship for Household monthly Income of $6,500.00 - $8,582.00
  • 75% Scholarship for Household monthly income of Less than $6,500.00
  • If you require more than 75% in scholarship you will be required to fill out the Level 3 Standard Scholarship Application (below).

Park City Ski Education Foundation (PCSEF)

  • Who: Current paid members of the PCSS Alpine division - U14/U16 and FIS Level
  • WhatThe Park City Ski Education Foundation (PCSEF) Board of Trustees is committed to providing financial assistance to PCSS Alpine athletes in order for them to pursue ski racing excellence. These Scholarships are designed to provide critical funds for qualified, talented athletes who otherwise would be unable to pursue their ski racing ambitions. Awarded scholarship monies will be applied directly to the participant’s PCSS Alpine tuition expense, camps, competitions or other projects.
  • When: Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Bill McGrath Memorial Scholarship Fund (coming soon)

  • Who: PCSS Alpine division - U12 / U14(part time)

Gordon Lange Scholarship (Cross Country)

  • About Gordon: Gordon was a long time Park City resident who coached for more than 40 years at all levels. He made a positive impact on the hundreds of athletes he coached. He had a lifelong passion for cross country skiing and working with athletes. More important than results, Gordon wanted athletes who he worked with to be good people, be considerate of others, do their best, and learn valuable life skills through sports. 
  • What: A merit, character, and needs based scholarship for current PCSS cross country comp athletes to go toward race or camp expenses. Can include team travel. 
  • When: Online application will become available here in early January 2022. With the application, please submit a letter or video with what you need the scholarship for and why you are applying. Scholarships will be announced by February 5th. Any questions, please reach out to Application is open between January 15th and January 31st. 

Lindsey Vonn Foundation

  • Who: Athletes of all genders aged 10-18. Financial need based on household income, number of dependents, and location/cost of living.
  • What: The Lindsey Vonn Foundation offers two types of scholarships. Enrichment scholarships are a financial aid option to allow the next generation to pursue their passion in academic and enrichment activities to reach their goals. Must be 10 to 18 years of age at the time of application. Applicants must be financially in-need based on the Federal Poverty Line.  Scholarship limit amount: $5,000. Another scholarship offered is the Sport Scholarship. This is a financial aid option to allow athletes to improve their technique, build confidence, and reach their goals. Must be 10 to 18 years of age at the time of application. Applicants must be financially in-need based on the Federal Poverty Line. Scholarship limit amount: $5,000. Athletes may only apply for one of the above scholarships per funding round.
  • When: Fall applications for Winter 2022 programs open July 1, 2022 and close at 5pm CT on September 30, 2022. Applications for Summer 2022 Programs are now closed.

I9 Sports Association

  • Who: Youth athletes under the age of 18
  • What: The i9 Sports Association offers scholarship grants to offset youth sports program participation fees for boys and girls under the age of 18.
  • When: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

World Cup Dreams

  • Who: Elite Level/National Team Athlete, any discipline
  • What: The mission of World Cup Dreams Foundation is to Support, Protect and Inspire. To further the growth and development of the nation’s best winter sports athletes, we offer support to elite athletes who are unfunded or not fully funded. Some teams or small groups may also use WCDF to raise money. In order to be eligible for a grant, athlete/ team must meet the following requirements: Elite-level athlete: close to or at the national team level. Other athletes that are "on that path" may also be eligible. Examples (include but are not limited to): named groups: Development Team, National Development Groups, other elite teams may also apply. WCDF would also accept an "elite" overall world rank or an "elite" world or US rank for your age.
  • When: November Grants now open! Grant application closes November 15th and decisions made by December 1st, 2021.

Give Like Sam

  • Who: 
    • Be between 6th and 12th grade during the 2021-2022 school year
    • Live or attend school in Summit County, Utah
    • Willing to participate in a post-experience interview with the Live Like Sam Foundation
  • What: The purpose of the Give Like Sam Grant is to provide resources for young, community-minded individuals (and groups) to plan and carry out meaningful service projects to benefit the Summit County Communities. We encourage students to identify needs in our community, brainstorm solution and apply for funding to put their plan into action. All ideas are welcome, no matter how big or small.
  • When: Application closes December 15th and awarded January, 2021



Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation (UOLF) - LEVEL 3 APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. The Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation (UOLF) is accepting requests for financial assistance for Park City Ski & Snowboard (PCSS) program fees for Nordic and Freestyle/Freeski sport programs for winter 2021-2022 season. The goal/purpose of the Needs Scholarship Program is to create opportunities for all individuals/families to participate in PCSS sport programs regardless of ability to pay. Granted scholarship money is only available to apply to winter 2022 program fees. 

Level 3 – Standard Scholarship Request:

  • Participation information form filled out completely
  • Participant letter explaining why scholarship would benefit participant and or family. If the participant is younger than 12 years old a family member may submit an additional letter along with the participant’s letter
  • Assets/ Liability Information section of form
  • Copy of 2020 Federal income tax form, including Schedule C if applicable
  • Letter of recommendation from teacher, employer etc. We ask that primary sport coach not write a letter of recommendation
  • Social security number not required
  • Thank you note to UOLF donors with optional photo in sporting action

Sarah Burke Foundation

  • Who: Amateur athletes of all genders ages 12-18, competing in winter sport, who have a demonstrated financial need
  • What: The Sarah Burke Foundation is committed to the altruistic ideals embodied by Sarah’s life and her actions. The foundation will preserve Sarah’s goodwill and her actions, by supporting and inspiring current and future generations. All support will allow us to carry on Sarah’s spirit and legacy by supporting others in sport and future generations. They award two scholarships of $7,500 annually.
  • When: Applications will re-open in Spring/Summer 2022

The Level Field Fund

  • Who: Athletes looking to fund competition/event related costs
  • What: The Level Field Fund strives to bridge gaps in funding to uniquely talented athletes, following the belief that opportunities to pursue excellence in sport should not be limited by an athlete’s financial situation. Grant recipients have further advanced their athletic pursuits and achieved success that otherwise would not have been possible in national and international competitions, including representing Team USA in the Olympic Games.
  • WhenGrant Applications can be submitted throughout the year and will be reviewed in accordance with the posted filing deadlines. We encourage applicants to submit an application as soon as they identify their need for funding. While it’s not a guarantee, occasionally, they are able to consider requests outside of the bi-annual application review periods posted.


  • Who: Alpine, Cross-Country, Freestyle, Freeski
  • What: T2 offers two separate grants opportunities for athletes. The Team T2 grant is intended for elite athletes birth year 2001 and older, who are from the U.S. and compete in alpine, cross-country, freestyle or freeskiing disciplines. The Junior Team grant is for athletes with birth years between 02-07, who meet the same requirements.
  • When: Applications will re-open in Spring 2022

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee Simon Grant

  • Who: Open to athletes who demonstrate financial need and are currently training and competing with performance achievements that indicate they are in contention to compete for the U.S. in the Paris 2024 or Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic Games.
  • What: The William E. Simon Olympic Endowment for the Support of Athletes was established in 1998 by Mr. William E. Simon, Sr., former U.S. Olympic Committee President and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. For over two decades, these grants have supported high performing Team USA athletes who demonstrate financial need to help offset travel and training expenses. 
  • When: Applications open May 26, 2022 and close June 26, 2022. Awards Notifications and Payments are in August 2022.

Women’s Sports Foundation Travel and Training Fund

  • Who: Female athletes, amateur status, demonstrated financial need
  • What: The Fund is designed to support women athletes with elite potential who have financial need and would otherwise be unable to afford basic necessities such as coaching, travel and equipment – vital to achieve even higher performance levels and rankings.
  • When: Applications will re-open Spring 2022 

SYNC Athlete Fund - Alpine

  • Who: US Citizen, amateur status, not a fully funded member of a National Team, demonstrated financial need
  • What: The goal of the SYNC Athlete Fund is to provide financial support to athletes with potential to be elite who have demonstrated financial need and would not otherwise be able to afford basic necessities like coaching, travel and equipment to achieve even higher performance levels and rankings. Just as important as athletic success, the opportunity to compete and attain the highest achievement in sport prepares athletes for leadership roles now and in the future and provides a platform to serve as role models for their peer athletes and communities.
  • When:  Applications will re-open in Spring/Summer 2022