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Inline Roller Blading

Park City Ski and Snowboard is excited to offer an expanded In-line Blading program. Nathan Payne has been blading for years and is passionate about teaching in-line skills and translating those skills on snow. This is the perfect cross training for our winter programs.

Inverted Program

This 2 days per week program is a great alternative or add-on to the water ramps. Come work on trick progressions and learn new skills on rollerblades. The program focus is cross training for skiing, working on air awareness, Balance, and trick progressions. Training will be at Woodward where you will spend time learning tricks into the foam pit, work on landing the tricks on the resi landing, along with working on rails and balance drills in the skatepark and pump track. 

  • Weeks Offered: June 7 - August 10
  • Schedule: Tues & Wed, 4:00-6:00pm
  • Location: Woodward
  • Ages: 10+ years
  • Skill Requirement: Intermediate/Advanced Inline Skills
  • Cost: $495


Base Program

This 1 day per week program is a great introduction to the fun progression of aggressive in-line skating as well as its benefits as a cross-training tool for skiing. You will work on building aggressive in-line skills, doing basic tricks, and gain balance skills all while having a blast!

  • Weeks Offered: June 7 - August 11
  • Schedule: Thus, 6:00-7:30pm
  • Location: Park City Skate Park
  • Ages: 8+ years
  • Minimum Skill Requirement: Must have basic skating skills. No experience at the skatepark is necessary 
  • Cost: $230


In-Line Skates & Equipment

Having the appropriate equipment is the most important part of the learning experience and a well fitting helmet and an appropriate pair of aggressive in-line skates is a must. If you need help selecting the correct equipment please feel free to reach out to the in-line coach Nathan Payne.

Required Equipment
  • Aggressive In-line skates
  • Helmet
Suggested Equipment
  • Protection - Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards
  • Pants and Long Sleeve shirt for added protection

Chris 'Hatch' Haslock

Chris 'Hatch' Haslock

Freeski Director

Phone: 801-550-1309