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Ski Mountaineering

What is Ski Mountaineering?

Ski Mountaineering, also knows as "SkiMo" combines the endurance of a cross-country skier with the skill and strength of an alpine skier.   This is great sport for alpine, cross-country, and all mountain skiers as well mountain bikers and runners.  Our athletes are taught the fundamental skills and efficiency of ski touring before training with an eye on racing. There are a variety of race distances and styles.

  • "Vertical" uphill only (15 min to 1h)
  • "Individual" multiple ascents and descents (1h- multi-hour)
  • "Sprint" race combining all the skills under 4min in heats and finals like cross country skiing sprint races.
  • "Team" 2 or 3 traveling & racing together (3h+ to multi-day stage)

SkiMo will be making its Olympic Debut at the 2026 Winter Olympic Games!

Our Purpose

The primary objective of the PCSS Ski Mountaineering team is to develop both the skills and passion for ski touring and ski mountaineering. In doing so, we hope to foster a lifelong love for both the outdoors and sport. Skiers will optimize specific ski mountaineering skills and fitness to develop enjoyment and proficiency in the sport.  

Ski Mountaineering Programs

Ski Mountaineering Staff

Adam Loomis

SKIMO Program Director
Adam is PCSS's Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined and SkiMo Director. As a mountain athlete, he is a USSMA National Team Member and former US Nordic Combined Team Athlete.

Pete Stoughton

DEVO Head Coach
Pete is a local athlete whose passions have culminated in coaching Skimo, Mtn Biking and Running. When he is not running, biking or skiing, he is a father, husband and local community advocate.

Nick Francis

I grew up here in Park City, and call this town home with my family. I love being out on skis, and I am excited to share ski mountaineering here in Park City!