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Devo Freestyle

What is Devo Freestyle?

Devo Freestyle is a developmental program which teaches the fundamentals required for all PCSS Freestyle (Aerials and Moguls) and Freeski (Park & Pipe and Big Mountain) programs.  Athletes in the Devo Freestyle program will develop carving skills, body stance, vision, pole plants, edging, box/rail sliding, take offs, landings, and mountain etiquette/safety. Athletes will learn how to apply these fundamentals to the terrain park, moguls, aerials. 

Participants will be taught skills in all disciplines in a fun, safe and diverse atmosphere at the Utah Olympic Park (UOP).  The UOP’s Adventure Park is built to suit young skiers and enhance the learning curve.  Athletes will also have the opportunity to participate in fun events designed to expose them to the competition environment.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to enable young athletes to have fun skiing and seek a lifelong passion for the sport.  We strive to help them develop friendships and positive relationships with teammates and coaches.  We will develop core skiing skills that are foundational across a broad range of competitive ski sports.  We will enable athletes to find their personal passion by exposing them young to a variety of competitive ski and snowboard disciplines, including moguls, aerials, big mountain, and park and pipe.

Devo Freestyle Programs

devo freestyle Coaching Staff

Ryan Devine


I grew up in Boise, ID and started skiing when I was 5 years old. I joined the local Freestyle team when I was 8 and started competing in moguls when I was 12. I officially "retired" from competing in 2008 when I moved out to SLC to attend the University of Utah and then graduated in 2012. I started coaching in 2009 for Axis Freeride here in PC and have gone from a part time coach to lead coach to full time coach to head coach to now director of the Freestyle Development team.