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Cross Country

What is Cross Country Skiing?

Cross-country skiing has two basic techniques, which apply to different surfaces: classic (undisturbed snow and tracked snow) and skate skiing (firm, smooth snow surfaces).

The classic technique relies on a wax or texture on the ski bottom under the foot for traction on the snow to allow the skier to slide the other ski forward in virgin or tracked snow. With the skate skiing technique a skier slides on alternating skis on a firm snow surface at an angle from each other in a manner similar to ice skating. Both techniques employ poles with baskets that allow the arms to participate in the propulsion. 

Athletes train to achieve endurance, strength, speed, skill and flexibility at different levels of intensity. Off-season training often occurs on dry land, sometimes on roller skis. 

Our Purpose

PCSS Cross Country programs are designed to launch a lifelong love for cross country skiing.  Our team will focus on creating a positive and rewarding atmosphere for all to participate.  Whether an athlete is new to the sport or a seasoned competitor, our goal is to inspire all kind of abilities and foster the love of the sport.

Cross Country Programs

Cross Country Staff

Emma Garrard


IEmma has been a coach for PCSS Nordic Coach since 2013 and Program Manager since 2015. She was also a head coach for TUNA and a ski instructor at White Pine Nordic. Emma learned to ski in Alaska and went on to compete in both running and skiing in college at the University of Nevada. Emma was also a professional triathlete for nine years.