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What is Aerials?

Aerials is a sport of the freestyle skiing discipline in which athletes perform various in-air tricks.  Aerialists ski off 2-4 meter jumps, that propel them up to 20 meters in the air. Once in the air, aerialists perform multiple flips and twists before landing on an inclined landing hill.

Aerial skiing is a judged sport, and competitors receive a score based on their runs.  The runs receive a score out of 10 comprised of: air (0-2 points - 20% of the score), form (0-5 points - 50% of the score), and landing (0-3 points - 30% of the score).


PCSS is dedicated to the development and growth of young athletes in the sport of Freestyle Aerials. Our goal is to ensure each athlete is given the opportunity to reach his or her full potential in the sport and life by instilling dedication, sportsmanship, building confidence and strong character. We value integrity, commitment, and personal growth. We believe in a positive attitude, positive environment, and a positive experience. 

Aerials Programs