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Mission & Core Values

Our mission is to develop our athletes by realizing individual athlete potential while maintaining high academic standards and exemplary sportsmanship. The core values that guide our actions are: Integrity, Team, Respect, Passion, and Accountability

We enable our athletes to achieve their individual athletic potential while maintaining high academic standards and adhering to core values.  Each club participant’s success is measured through the pursuit of individual athletic, character and social development, while organizational success is measured through financial stability, engaged families and a positive impact in the community.

PCSS instills a culture and philosophy of character development and sport development that our families, athletes, stakeholders, and community are proud to support. This culture is based on state-of -the-art training systems, core values, and holistic programming.

Core Values

Our core values guide the club and coaches in designing and delivering an athlete-centered environment of learning and developing through winter sport.

Integrity:  We believe sportsmanship, honesty and the concept of fair play are of highest importance in sports. The idea that it’s not just winning or losing, but the process of how athletes pursue individual excellence is part of the club’s value system.

Team: PCSS delivers individual, athlete-focused content in a positive team environment. The concept of team requires working together to achieve excellence. The team includes coaches, athletes and parents all working together in a trustful and supportive environment. Park City Ski & Snowboard coaches work to educate athletes and parents on the value of being part of a team.

Respect: We emphasize that others are to be treated the way they want to be treated themselves. Fostering relationships involving mutual respect is important for any team. We believe that self-respect, respect for the environment and team are paramount. We will respond to bullying, disrespectful attitudes and behaviors.

Passion: We strive to keep youth in the moment by facilitating a love for skiing and snowboarding. The goal is to inspire a positive attitude and full heart-felt effort from every individual. We foster intrinsic motivation and a strong feeling toward pursuing dreams.

Accountability: We strive to do what we say we are going to do. We set expectations on self-reliance, personal ownership and responsibility. Our goal is to instill discipline and commitment to the pursuit of excellence. We will focus on arriving on time and being prepared.

Club Goals

  1. Achieving Athletic Excellence: 
    Park City athletes achieving personal athletic successes at every level from development to world-class competition.
  2. Building Character: 
    Park City youth building character and life skills through the pursuit of sport.
  3. Engaging Families:
    Park City families engaging in club activities and supporting PCSS efforts to provide affordable programming.
  4. Pursuing Sport for Life: 
    Park City families living active healthy lifestyles and pursuing sport for life.
  5. Building Community Pride:
    Park City community taking pride in our sport culture.